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Turn Your Sales Funnel From a Leaky Colander Into a Powerhouse of Qualified Leads

As a small business owner who’s tried marketing automation without stellar results, what would it mean to have a proven system that can take your poorly functioning sales funnel and recreate it into a highly effective pipeline that automatically brings in new leads and nurtures them until time to purchase?

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I can help you make over your marketing automation so you get exactly what you need without all the headaches. Even if you’ve worked with contractors before, I can create order from the chaos.

I’m Nicole Munoz, and I’ve assembled a team with the proven expertise to make over your systems and apps to get a seamless, easy process that’s fully automated.

Finally, a results-oriented team dedicated to simplifying your systems through a makeover that’s proven to work:

  • Even if … you aren’t getting the kind of data you need from your systems
  • Even if … your systems don’t tell you what’s converting to sales and what’s not converting
  • Even if … your content just isn’t generating the kind of interest you want and need

And especially if you have lots of leads in your sales funnel, but no one is buying.

Let me ask you a question: how old and stale is your database?

If you’re operating with an old list of contacts or—even worse—working with a purchased contact list, you’re probably sending out plenty of emails without getting much response.

Even if you produce tons of great content on your site, you may be generating very few leads from it. There are very concrete reasons why this is happening, and we can show you how to turn around your system so that it generates qualified leads.

We can also help unite your marketing and sales teams so that they’re aligned on what constitutes a qualified lead and how best to nurture leads through your funnel.

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What You Get with a Marketing Automation Makeover

It’s All About the Goals You Set

With a marketing automation makeover, you get a customized system with clearly defined goals to help you measure success. You get goals for your marketing automation efforts that are specific and measurable because without these two elements, goals are meaningless.

We’ll help you define goals that are time sensitive with a definite numeric value attached that can be measured. Think along the lines of “increase sales by 10% by the end of next quarter” rather than “get more sales.”

You get our years of experience and expertise in setting appropriate goals so that you know exactly where you’re starting and can tell when you’re making gains.

Next, We Define Your Marketing Process

If you don’t have a standardized sales process in place to guide your marketing automation efforts, you’re spinning your wheels unnecessarily. We’ll help you define a pipeline that moves your leads through your sales funnel and nurtures them until they’re turned into qualified prospects ready for your sales team.

We’ll also help you set up workflow management to keep your marketing automation smoothly flowing and organized.

Then It’s About Your Analytics

After you set goals and define your workflow, you need to ensure you’re measuring everything along the way so you can determine what’s working and what’s not. If you’re not currently gathering the immense amount of data that’s being generated by your internal and external systems, you’re missing out on key information that will help you make better decisions.

We’ll help you make sure you’re gathering the right data so you can measure your goals appropriately.

Finally, We Analyze Results and Make Changes on the Fly

Think of marketing automation as continual improvement based on known results achieved. We’ll help you identify changes to make to get better results, and we’ll also help you institute a system that encourages continuous improvement as the basis for every “touch” you make across your various marketing channels.

We have several proven strategies to take your marketing automation efforts to the next level and achieve the results you want.

Our full-service program combines a complete system makeover with strategic planning that includes restructuring your campaigns for greater success. We leave you with a fully functional, automated system, standard operating procedures, and documentation on how to use your new system—everything you need to run your business seamlessly and successfully.

Don’t waste another minute on your marketing automation efforts. Call us today for a free 30-minute consultation to help you get back on track.